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3 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Husband this Christmas
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3 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Husband this Christmas

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Finding an amazing gift for your partner is always a challenge, and Christmas is no different when it comes to finding a present that:

  1. Stands out
  2. Shows thoughtfulness
  3. Reflects your relationship
  4. Meets a need

If you are looking for gift ideas that tick all of these boxes, then you are in the right place. As well as the gift concepts in general, we also have specific versions which have a sustainable and eco-friendly twist to them. 

1. Grooming & Toiletries Gift Hampers

The first gift ideas for your husband come in the form of classic, luxury grooming and toiletries gift hampers. Gifts, as well as being unique and thoughtful, can also fulfill a need for the recipient.

"Grooming hampers are a fantastic present which will actively fulfill a need all year round."

With beard management (we are sure that's a term), shaving and self care being a constant in any man's life, grooming hampers are a fantastic present which will actively fulfill a need all year round.

There are three main types of gift hampers for self care:

  • Shaving Gift Sets
  • Beard Grooming Kits
  • Toiletries Gift Sets

Any good shaving gift set should contain a razor, a set of razor blades, shaving soap and a shaving brush. The main issue with these gift sets is that plastic razors are often single use, and are extremely difficult to recycle. 

natural shaving gift set for husbands

We solve this problem in our Natural Shaving Gift Set, by using a plastic free steel razor. Steel razors can be used time and time again, and when combined with the plastic free replacement razor blades included in the gift set, minimal waste is created as a result (with zero plastic footprint). 

If your spouse is partial to a 'Game of Thrones' style beard, then he knows (or should know) how to care for it. Why not take his beard grooming to the next level with our Sustainable Beard Grooming Kit?  

Is This You?

"When looking at gifts for my husband, I wanted to give a present that he would find genuinely useful, and not a present that would be used once out of novelty and then thrown away within a week. 

Seeing this shaving gift set made complete sense, and ticks all the boxes I was looking for. As well as being useful, I love the sustainable elements to the gift. I've always been conscious of how our family uses plastic, but we don't really have the time to properly sit down and work out alternatives on a daily basis.

Finding a gift that both reduces the amount of plastic we use, as well a gift that I know my husband will use on a regular basis, is exactly what I was looking for!"

Containing Beard Balm and Beard Oil using only natural ingredients, this gift set might just be the most organic way possible to take care of facial hair. 

Finishing on the Premium Organic Toiletries Set, this gift can be given to any husband, whether they have a beard or not.

With a luxury unisex perfume, organic deodorants and a few other natural toiletries all packaged into a wicker basket, the staples of self care (and a little bit extra) for your partner are all covered.

2. Tea and Coffee Gifts

Hard work is usually complemented by the wonder that is caffeine. It is the saviour of modern life in the workplace, with tea being the saviour of the British public on a daily basis. 

tea gift set

A growing concern amongst tea consumers (us included) is that traditional tea bags contain plastic in the sealing and lining. Even though, per tea bag, this is a small amount of plastic, when you consider that on average 100 million cups of tea are drank every day in the UK, this all adds up. 

"Produced in some of the best coffee making regions of the world including Peru and Colombia with fair trade initiatives"

By using tea bags that are plastic free, there are now several companies taking the step to make each cuppa' more sustainable with every sip.

You can find several of these brands in our Sustainable Tea Gift Set.

If your spouse prefers coffee, we also have an alternative coffee gift set which contains responsibly sourced, organic coffees in sustainable packaging. 

Is This You?

"My husband works extremely hard, now splitting his time between the office and at home. He loves having a cup of coffee on the go (although he doesn't mind a cup of tea delivered straight to him), so gifting him the coffee present was a simple choice to make.

I love how the coffee is deliberately sourced from businesses with a fair trade attitude, and had never really considered how independent farmers could be affected by big brands taking advantage. 

I had also never really thought about how much plastic is used, particularly in the lids of coffee tins, whenever we buy coffee for the house. Having coffee come in sustainably sourced paper wrapping just made sense - we still get amazing coffee, but without the plastic."

Produced in some of the best coffee making regions of the world including Peru and Colombia with fair trade initiatives, the Sustainable Organic Coffee Set is a beautiful (and beautifully tasting) alternative to conventional coffee gift sets. 

3. Gardening Gift Sets

If your partner enjoys spending time working in the garden, relaxing outside and is generally a more outdoorsy person, gift sets that reflect that fact are always a great idea.

bee garden gift set

With the decline of bees in recent years, a crucial player in maintaining a stable ecosystem the world over, now is a great time to show these hard workers (both bees, and your husband) some love with Bee Garden Gift Sets.

"Before you know it, you will have a growing tourist destination for your local bee community"

In principle, Bee Garden Gifts work by attracting bees to your outdoor space, and planting seeds that will grow into flowers that bees will love to pollinate, and be attracted to. 

Is This You?

"My partner relaxes by spending time working in the garden, and finds it really soothing to be close to nature. He's always loved gardening, and I think it gives him huge satisfaction to watch his hard work come to fruition before his eyes - perhaps something that he doesn't get from his work.

Seeing this gift set, straight away I knew he would love it. He carefully planned as to where he would plant the seed bombs, and found the perfect tree in our garden to hang the bee hotel from. 

In short, he loves it, and the dramatic transformation of our garden!"

By planting the initial seeds, there will be an upward cycle of bees pollinating more plants that they are attracted to in your garden. Before you know it, you will have a growing tourist destination for your local bee community.

In our Bee Garden Gift Set, we also include a Bee Hotel, which gives a space for your newly found hard workers to rest in between shifts (just the bees this time). 

Gifts For Husbands

With this blog, we've given a small rundown of a few sustainable gifts you can choose for your partner this Christmas.

If you would like to browse more gift ideas for your spouse, here is our range of Eco-Friendly Gifts For Him

We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect gift for your husband this Christmas!