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8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Sons
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8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Sons

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Finding the perfect gift for your son can be quite the challenge sometimes, with their interests constantly changing from year to year (and sometimes day to day). 

We've broken this blog down into two main sections, to help you in your quest to find a great present for your son:

  • Gifts for young sons

  • Gifts for teenage sons

Every gift in this blog has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This means they have minimal plastic and carbon footprints, as a result of the materials, processes and producers used in creating the gifts. 

Let's start with the first selection of presents. 

1. Eco-Friendly Gifts For Young Sons

Wooden Car Transporter Toy

Vehicle toys are always a great way to engage children in learning about moving vehicles, at the same time as gaining motor skills (we couldn't resist).

In particular, this Transporter has four wooden cars that are completely independent, and extendable sliding ramp, as well as a detachable carrier. 

wooden car transporter toy

Being produced from sustainably sourced rubber wood means that this gift has zero plastic footprint, as well as a high rating of all round sustainability. 

Having the additions such as the detachable carrier and sliding ramp means a vast range of possibilities are open to the imagination. 

Is This You?

"Our little boy loves playing with toy cars, so this gift is just a natural progression of that. It was interesting to watch him work out how to use the ramp, and spend time organizing the cars to make them all fit on the transporter. 

It's slightly more complicated than just playing with singular cars, and it was great to see him use is imagination to create scenarios with loading the cars on and off - not forgetting the car noises he makes whilst making numerous journeys around the living room carpet!"

Wooden Tortoise Shape Sorter

Sticking to the theme of wooden toys, but moving away from the vehicle side of things, we have our flagship shape sorter toy. 

In the form of a tortoise, your child can spend hours learning about spatial and shape recognition by slotting the various shapes into the correct holes. 

Is This You?

"I wanted a gift that would encourage my son to have fun playing, at the same time as starting to develop skills that would help him at school.

I wasn't aware of the benefits of this kind of toy, but doing some reading around shape sorting toys in general gave me great confidence in picking this gift."

tortoise shape sorter

This function of recognising which shapes go where might sound basic to us, but for the developing mind it can be a real challenge, and one that can yield fantastic results as well as satisfaction when learned properly! 

This gift is again produced with sustainably sourced rubber wood. 

Eco-Friendly Kids Stationary Set

A key part of any childhood is their education. Not just the learning itself, but how they interact with other students, how they cope with new challenges, and how they learn to navigate their way through each day.

eco-friendly kids stationary set

With our stationary set, we have included all of the essentials needed for primary school education, with the most minimal amount of plastic used in the process.

Is This You?

"My son is starting year three at primary school, and he loves to read and write already which is fantastic. Because of these interests, which we really advocate and encourage, we wanted to get him a gift that would help him to enjoy writing even more. 

The stationary gift set has everything he needs to progress and practise his writing, which he can use for both school and home use."

As well as the essentials, we've also included a bamboo encased notebook. This can be used both inside and outside of school, and is the perfect companion for the budding author. 

Onto our final gift for young sons, which is usually a favourite around December for some reason... 

Eco-Friendly Pre Filled Christmas Stocking and Fillers for Young Sons

We know that's a bit of a mouthful, but it really does sum up exactly what the gift is! 

We recognised a problem with traditional stocking fillers: they are filled with plastic, most of which is single use.

We also recognised that so much time is spent looking for stocking fillers, it could actually contribute to the overall stress levels at Christmas.

With these two problems in mind, we developed our pre filled christmas goodie bags, packaged in stockings, ready to open up on Christmas morning. 

eco friendly pre filled christmas stockings for young sons

Kindable Christmas stocking fillers are packed full of goodies with minimal plastic footprint. In fact, there is no conventional plastic at all! 

Is This You?

"I've been looking for something like this for years, but haven't found one until now! 

It always upsets me to see the amount of single use plastic that is in the stocking fillers I give my children at Christmas, but it's so hard to find any alternatives that will actually make them happy.

The sweets in home compostable packaging are a great idea. As soon as the sweets were eaten (by boxing day I think), we gathered all of the sweet wrappers, and put them into our home compost bin.

Extremely easy, and if anything way quicker than working out whether to recycle or just throw away, which we seemingly spend hours on every Christmas when the wrapping is all over the house."

Instead, we use home compostable packaging for the confectionary. Simply place the used packaging into your home compost patch (we recommend making sure it's below the surface), and it will harmlessly biodegrade within one year. 

Please note, the packaging should not end up in your food bin, as there is a possibility it will end up in landfill. 

So that's our round up of gift ideas for young sons. Let's move onto the next selection of gift ideas in this blog. 

2. Eco-Friendly Gifts for Teenage Sons

For teenage sons, gifts with more maturity are required, whilst still being fun and unique. We have a range of sustainable shaving kits, beard grooming gift sets and other presents that are aimed at older sons. Many of these gifts can also be used for adult sons, including our first gift in this section. 

Whilst we are still in the Christmas mood, let's talk about our...

Eco-Friendly Pre Filled Christmas Stocking and Fillers For Teenage Sons

There are a few constants when compared to the equivalent for young sons, with the confectionary in home compostable packaging being the main one.

In place of some of the 'younger' goodies, we have selected sustainable shaving products. They include a stainless steel reusable razor, with a set of plastic free replacement razor blades. 

Eco-Friendly Pre Filled Christmas Stocking and Fillers For Teenage Sons

We've also included a few original, plastic free takes on essential toiletries, which in our experience are always a staple of christmas stockings. 

Sustainable Beard Grooming Kit

If your teenage son has started to develop, or indeed has a fully fledged beard, having a beard grooming gift set can make a world of difference when it comes to the look and feel of their beard. 

sustainable beard grooming kit

Is This You?

"My son has been growing a beard for a couple of years now, and for the first time it actually looks like a beard, and not a scraggly mess on his face (which we have mentioned several times). 

He seems to be sticking with it, so we wanted to give this gift to help him take the best possible care of it. It's great to see that there are no nasty chemicals, and that all has been done to make the gift set as sustainable as possible."

It's easy to underestimate how much work, and time, it takes to make a beard look great. With beard grooming sets, everything is included to make facial hair look as good as it can be, whilst maintaining the health of the skin underneath the beard. 

Premium Organic Toiletries Set For Him 

One of our best sellers all year round, we felt we had to finish with our Organic Toiletries Gift Set.

toiletries gift set for him

When developing this gift, we spent our time finding sustainable alternatives to traditional toiletries, with the aim of using the most minimal plastic possible. We also prioritised using producers who are based in the UK, to reduce the carbon footprint as a result of importing products from other countries. 

Is This You?

"It's always been important to us, to know that our son takes good care of himself, his appearance and well being. It's not always that easy, as any parent of a teenage boy knows!

By gifting him this toiletries hamper, we sent a message that we really do care about how he feels in himself every day. We were so happy to see how he took the message, and he started using the range of organic essentials straight away!

He had never really used perfume before, but he loved the choice of scent that we had got for him, and now wears it religiously."

All the standard toiletries are included, with the bamboo toothbrush, peppermint shampoo bar and two organic deodorants being completely free of conventional plastic.

The luxury perfume included is available in several different variants, all of which have been designed by top perfumers based in France. 

Gifts for Sons

All of these gifts, as well as many other gifts designed for young, teenage and adult sons, can be found in our range of Eco-Friendly Gifts For Him.

If you are looking more inspiration on how to make your Christmas more sustainable this year, you can find some great tips (if we do say so ourselves) in our guide on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas