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christmas gifts for wives
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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Wives this Christmas

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Finding a gift to surprise, delight and bring joy to your loved ones is never an easy task, especially if you and your partner have been married for several years (which means several Christmas seasons as well). 

With an average of £476 being spent per household each year on Christmas gifts, and a large percentage of that figure being spent on spouses, now is the perfect time to find a gift that stands out from the crowd for your partner.

In this blog, we're going to give an overview of our unique, thoughtful and sustainable gifts that will make her Christmas that extra bit special.

With nine of our favourites from our range of eco-friendly gifts, you can be sure to find a gift she will love.

Bath Gift Sets

Let's start with a classic that continues to be a staple of the gift giving world every Christmas - the bath gift set.

There's no better way to encourage your loved one to take a break, than to gift her a collection of high quality relaxation products.

 bath gift set

This could add extra value at Christmas, as it can often be a busy time for the whole family due to the organization, Christmas shopping, decorating and the many other things that have to be taken care of during December.

"Bath sets will have everything needed for your partner to fully relax and switch off"

Giving her a signal that you would love nothing more than for her to put her feet up (depending on how long the tub is), light some candles and have a glass of wine in the bath could make the perfect present.

When designing our range of bath sets, we make sure to only use the finest independent British companies, who in turn create the highest standard of bath accessories.

Is This You? 

"I wanted to find a gift that my wife would love, and bath gift sets are always my go-to as she loves nothing more than to spend hours relaxing in the tub with fragrant candles and a glass of wine.

I love how the bath truffles are packaged in home compostable wrapping, as my partner is very conscious of the environmental impact our family has on the world. 

I know how hard she works on a daily basis, so finding a gift that will encourage her to take care of herself, and prioritize herself over others, gives me a great feeling."

Think luxury bath bombs, candles, body butter, bath name it, and our bath sets will have everything needed for your partner to fully relax and switch off. 

Our personal favourite is the All Natural Relaxation Bath Gift Set

Candle Gift Sets

Candles and wax melts are the ideal way to naturally scent your home. From our experience, one candle is never enough to find the perfect aroma for each room, which is why our candle gift sets contain a range of different scents, each developed by different candle producers.

This means they make a great gift for your partner, who can enjoy experimenting with the various different producers and scents of each basket. 

wax melts hamper

"Wax melts require a wax melt 'holder' or 'burner' in order to safely use them"

There are a range of different materials used in candles, including soy wax, beeswax and citronella. We only use materials that have been responsibly and sustainably sourced, which is another key point in choosing a gift if your partner is interested in environmental protection. 

Is This You?

"My wife has always loved unique and full scents that make our house, and bedroom in particular, smell amazing. She is used to receiving candle gift sets, so I wanted to give her something that is slightly different, but produces the same end result of a relaxing environment to be live in. 

I wasn't actually familiar with wax melts before finding out what they were online, but they have been a huge success as a gift, and in making our home smell incredible!"

The wax melts gift sets are slightly different to the candles, in that wax melts require a wax melt 'holder' or 'burner' in order to safely use them. In each of our wax melt gift sets, there are wax melt burners included, which means your partner can get straight to lighting the fragrance. 

Here is our Deluxe Scented Wax Melts Hamper

Candles can come in a few forms, with tea lights, votive candles and pillar candles being some of the most popular forms. 

We have a few excellent candle sets that contain a variety of the different sorts of candles, but we have picked our Luxury Organic Candles Hamper as our largest and most representative option. 

luxury candles hamper

Garden Gift Sets

If your partner is interested in gardening, and creating a colourful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy, our gardening gift sets might make the perfect gift for your gardening spouse. 

Bee garden gift sets typically contain a range of items used to attract (you guessed it) bees to your garden, which in turn encourages them to pollinate and further increase the plant growth in your outdoor space. 

"Just plant the seeds in soil, wait a few months for the plants to bloom, and the bees will begin to migrate!"

We include several pollination seed bombs, which are easily plantable seeds of plants that bees are attracted to. Just plant the seeds in soil, wait a few months for the plants to bloom, and the bees will begin to migrate! 

bee hotel garden gift set

We also include a bee hotel, which gives a space for bees to rest in a safe space when they are not working hard, pollinating your garden. 

Is This You?

"My partner has always loved being outside in our garden, particularly in the hot summer days. She is all to familiar with the decline of bees over the last few years, as more and more articles are appearing online about the decreasing numbers, as well as how important bees are to our ecosystems.

I chose this gift for her, as I knew how much she would love seeing our garden bloom into a bee haven. It's really relaxing, and entertaining, to sit back and watch the bees hard at work, making our garden fuller and more beautiful every day!"

Here is our Bee Garden Gift Set, which could make the perfect gift for your partner if she loves being outdoors, and relaxing in the garden. 

Desk Accessories Gift Sets

Having a partner who spends a large part of their time working at a desk, could mean gifting a set of desk accessories is the perfect gift for your hard working spouse. 

This could apply even more this Christmas, as many of us (including ourselves) are now working at home.

"Having a clear desk is also a huge stress reducer, which can go a long way for overall stress levels on a daily basis."

Having a clear, organized work space could make a huge different in your partners life, if they have had to suddenly move their working life to their home office (or kitchen, or any other room that will act as a working space - the kitchen is a favourite for us). 

desk accessories gift set

Any good desk gift set should contain a mix of items ready to make the recipients life easier, as well as enabling them to work more efficiently and enjoy the clear desk space they find themselves with.

Is This You?

"Having recently started a new job working from home, I thought it would make complete sense to give a gift that would make the experience, and transition, as easy as possible.

My wife uses her laptop, tablet and notebooks (sometimes all at the same time) when working. For zoom calls especially, it's always good to have another screen or surface specifically for making notes, which don't result on the typing sound coming through the microphone.

We had a bit of a job converting the spare room into a place where she could work, but this gift set made it so much easier when thinking about the layout and design of her desk area."

As well as increasing productivity, having a clear desk is also a huge stress reducer, which can go a long way for overall stress levels on a daily basis. 

You can find our Select Desk Accessories Gift Here. 

Gifts for Wives

With this blog, we hope we have given a good overview of some unique and thoughtful ideas to gift your partner with this Christmas. 

You can browse our entire range of Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her to find the gifts mentioned in this blog, as well as many other unique gifting ideas.

We find that choosing a gift that has been developed with thought and creativity really does show, and in turn stands out from the mass of other presents available on the web today.

If you are looking for tips on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas, we have a few great tips to make this years festivities positively sustainable. 

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We wish you the best of luck finding the perfect gift for your spouse this Christmas!