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Eco-Friendly Gifts Blog: 7 Tips On How To Stay Safe At Music Festivals Using Our Festival Survival Kits
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Eco-Friendly Gifts Blog: 7 Tips On How To Stay Safe At Music Festivals Using Our Festival Survival Kits

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Music festivals will hold some of the best experiences in your life.

Making new friends, the campsite antics and of course seeing the acts you love playing in front of you.

With all the hype around the festival, it's easy to forget we all need to stay safe while the fun is going on.

In this blog, we talk all things health and safety, and how to make your festival as enjoyable as possible. From avoiding sunburn to keeping those pesky bugs and midges away, here is our rundown of how to stay safe at a festival with a few items found in our Eco Festival Survival Kits.

Festival Kit Service No.1 - Keep Hydrated

This is number one for a reason.

Dehydration can lead to severe and dangerous conditions which could need medical attention.

If you're an early bird ticket holder, you could be in the sun for four or five days. Add alcohol to the mix, and dehydration can happen very quickly. So how do you stay hydrated? 

Keep a water bottle with you. Hold it, put it in your bum bag or rucksack, but always have a supply of water quick to hand.

Even better, try to make sure it's a reusable bottle, so it doesn't end up in landfill when the festival is over and done with. Our Festival Survival Kits contain reusable water bottle, that can be used for the whole festival, as well as after it. 

Know yourself when it comes to alcohol. If you can drink huge amounts, just be careful and recognise how dehydrated you are getting. You probably won't know until your head starts to suffer, so keep an eye out.

    Festival Kit Service No.2 - Watch The Sunburn

    To avoid sunburn, we recommend covering up, taking regular sun breaks and wearing sunscreen. With each kit comes two tins of organic sunscreen to help protect your skin against UV. 

    Our sunscreen is made from all natural ingredients, and completely plastic free -you can find that here. Best of all, it comes in a pocket sized tin which you can carry around all day at a festival!

    When it comes to covering up, it's vital that your skin isn't exposed to sun all day. This is obviously subjective to skin tone. If it's hot we know it is hard putting on extra layers, so we recommend packing a light pair of trackies and long sleeved top if you're feeling the sun.

    Take sunbreaks. There's no harm in sitting in your tent while you and your mates are at the campsite. Leave the tent unzipped and job done! If you're wondering around the festival site in the stage area, try spending a bit of time in a tent, or in the shade of one. You never know, you might stumble across the next big band playing in a smaller tent. 

    Festival Survival Kit Service No.3 - Bring Plasters

    Falling over is common sight at festivals. Tripping over tent peg lines, falling down if you've had a bit too much to drink, or genuinely falling over through no fault of your own happens all the time at festivals.

    That's why we recommend carrying a set of plasters on you. Get them on, and carry on with the fun. The Plasters in our Festival Survival Kits are 100% plastic free, and have none of the irritants that are commonly used in big branded plasters.

    Know Where the Medical Tent Is

    For anything more serious than what plasters can fix, you might need to go to the medical tent. It should be on the festival site map if you have one, or a steward will know the way. Our Festival Kits can't help with this, but it is a crucial piece of information to have at a festival.

    Medical tents will be able to direct you to emergency services if required, so if you have a friend in need, the medical tent is the place to take them to.

    Unknown conditions that are brought on by exhaustion may be very dangerous if they are left untreated.

    Festivals can be exhausting if you are going hard for a few days, so if you notice anything unusual with your body, there's no harm in asking for some medical advice!

    Always better to play it safe when it comes to your health.

    Festival Kit Service No.4 - Bug And Insect Repellant

    Nothing is more annoying than pesky midges and bugs, especially if they manage to get into your tent. It's always worth carrying a tin of bug repellant around, just in case you face that grim scenario.

    Getting bitten by all sorts of annoying creatures could make you ill, so make sure to zip up the bug door in your tent as well as getting a bug or insect repellant! 

    Our Festival Survival Kits contain bug repellant that is all natural and comes in completely plastic free packaging, so no nasty stuff in there to bug you (we couldn't resist). 

    Festival Survival Kit Service No.5 - Soap

    Festivals can be dusty, muddy, dirty, grimy and generally filthy places (especially as the weekend draws to a close).

    Soap is great for two reasons: It fights against bacteria, and also keeps your hands from becoming muddy, sticky and dirty. As well as all this, soap makes your hands smell nice (important factor).

    The soap that comes with our Festival Kits are of the rosewood scent variety, so you know hour hands will smell amazing, no matter how much mud you have to rub off from them to see your skin again.

    Most soap comes in plastic bottles, that in all likelihood will end up in landfill, contributing to the plastic pollution problem we face. Our soap bars come in reusable tins, and no plastic is used in any of the inner packaging. 

    Festival Kit Service No.6 - Food

    Everyone needs to eat, especially if you are hard partying for several days.

    Food is needed for energy, as well as soaking up any booze that is consumed during the festival. There are many great options for getting food inside the live music area, and are usually delicious.

    However, they aren't the cheapest. As the weekend goes on, the prices having the knack of increasing as well.

    So we recommend bringing your own food to sustain your festivalling. It's way cheaper, and you can have it any time you want with no queue.

    If you're looking for plates and cutlery to eat your food with, our Festival Kits come with compostable cutlery, cups and plates.

    Everything is made from plants, and you can send your used items back to use free of charge. Using LFHP Zero will ensure they are fully composted, with zero waste going to landfill.

    About Our Festival Survival Kits

    We developed our Eco Festival Kits with a few aims in mind. Firstly, to provide many of the necessary items to make it through a festival happily, comfortably and safely.  

    The other main priority was to choose items that were minimal in plastic content, or were completely plastic free. We wanted to make these kits to minimize plastic waste at festivals. This comes from every festival we've been at having huge numbers of tents, single use plastic items and other waste being left in the campsite when the weekend is finished.

    All of the single use items, including our plates, cups, cutlery and ponchos, are all made from bioplastic.

    A bioplastic is similar to conventional fossil based plastic, but it has two important qualities. Bioplastics either have the ability to biodegrade, are produced from renewable bio based resources, or both.

    In the case of our bioplastic items, it's both.

    We use PLA as the main material, which is a bioplastic produced from cornstarch. It's fully biodegradable, as well as compostable.

    But just because PLA is biodegradable, does not mean it's a viable alternative to conventional plastic. This is because there is no time limit on biodegradability, which means biodegradable items could still be present in the natural environment for long periods of time. 

    In order to combat plastic pollution, we need to use the power of compostability as well as biodegradability. 

    Using compostable bioplastics such as PLA enable a true closed loop process. This means that PLA is produced from renewable resources, and can be composted with zero waste going to landfill. This compost is then used to grow the next generation of crops, which will then produce PLA again.

    We have developed LFHP Zero in order to fully compost every compostable item in your festival survival kit. With every item sent back to us using LFHP Zero, we guarantee they will be fully composted with zero waste going to landfill. 

    The potential for this compostability is huge. Festivals in the future, and some have started to do it, are using compostable alternatives to non biodegradable fossil based plastics to make waste management at their events more sustainable. 

    Staying Safe With Our Eco Festival Kits: In Conclusion

    Throughout this blog, we hope we've given some vital tips to help keep you, or your resident festival goer, safe and happy during the event. Festivals can be amazing experiences, and they will only be made far more enjoyable when keeping safe. 

    Gifts For Environmentalists

    Our range of gifts for environmentalists set out to make a positive difference in the world, and to bring joy to every recipient. 

    Through having no single use plastic, achieved by swapping fossil based single use plastic for reusable and renewable based packaging, we are reducing the impact gifts have on the environment with every order.

    Our gifts for environmentalists are designed around sending minimal waste to landfill, and choosing independent producers who value sustainability just as much as quality.  

    If you would like to read more about the work we are doing at festivals, feel free to subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the page.