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Ideas For Eco-Friendly Teacher Gifts
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Ideas For Eco-Friendly Teacher Gifts

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With public awareness on the rise of how the environment is being impacted by our standards of modern living, people are looking for alternatives that present more sustainable options.

Gifts are a great way of making this step towards becoming more sustainable, with teacher gifts being a fantastic way to show thanks to your child's teacher. In this blog, we're going to be talking about ideas for eco-friendly gifts for teachers, and why choosing sustainable presents can make the gift even more special.

If you are set on gifting an eco-friendly gift to your child's teacher, you can browse our range of eco-friendly teacher gifts to find the perfect sustainable teacher present. 

Plastic Free Teacher Gifts

Let's start things off with the area we love the most in our gifts: plastic free. By minimizing the amount of plastic in our gifts, it also reduces the carbon footprint of them through using less carbon intensive materials in place of fossil based plastic.

With common gifts being tea and coffee sets for teachers, the sustainable alternative would be using plastic free tea and coffee.

With conventional teas containing plastic in the lining of the bags, the potential for microplastics being released every time you have a brew is very real.

Vegan Teacher Gifts

As a lifestyle, veganism is arguably the most sustainable around today. By cutting meat from of a diet, the greenhouse gas footprint through cattle producing methane is heavily reduced.

What things should you look out for when working out if a gift is vegan or not?

If the gift is food or drink related, it legally has to say if it is 'vegan' on the packaging. It gets a little more difficult when you start looking at gifts that aren't food related, as there might be some technicalities that aren't obvious one way or the other.

For example, many of our gifs contain beeswax products. For vegans, this is obviously not vegan, as it is a product that has been produced by animals. 

A key thing to remember is that veganism is just not about diet, it's about not using any products that have been produced by animals, regardless if it's for consumption or not.

Our top advice - just ask the company you are purchasing your teacher gift from. Any business selling eco-friendly teacher gifts will know as to which virtues their gifts uphold, and should give you a reply by the end of the working day.

Our Range Of Eco-Friendly Gifts For Teachers

If you like the sound of making a sustainable swap for teacher gifts, feel free to browse our range of eco-friendly teacher gifts