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Music Festival Essentials - 7 things you NEED for a festival
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Music Festival Essentials - 7 things you NEED for a festival

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Festivals are the place to be for the best memories, fun and musical performances you will ever see. Nothing can beat watching your favourite band, playing your favourite song, with thousands of people around you singing along as well. In this blog we're going to give our must-haves when it comes to festival supplies. This is not the complete list if you love living the high life at festivals, but the definitive list of everything you NEED for a festival. (Imagine an alien is visiting earth for the first time, and for some reason wants to go to a music festival - this is the level of knowledge we are at for this blog).

1 - A tent.

This feels so obvious we were considering whether to include it or not. But as it's the definitive list, we felt we had to. Would an alien know to bring a tent to a festival?

Tents come in all shapes and sizes, so they can accommodate single campers, single campers with a bit of room to move (if you get lucky), and everything up and beyond.

Teepees are a really cool way of fitting loads of your mates into one tent, and high enough to have a small party if you wanted to have one when the live music is finished. Make sure your tent is waterproof, and properly waterproof. So not the 'sort of waterproof but when it rains your tent will flood' waterproof. It's worth spending a bit more on a good tent than drowning in your own soggy sleeping bag at 4am. (Yes, we have been there - it's sh*t).

Also look out for tents that have a mesh door, so one that is see through but keeps out the midges. This is great for the purpose of having a door closed, but letting the heat escape the tent when you wake up to a boiling day at 7am. (Yes, we have been there again, and it's still sh*t).

A massive problem at festivals is the amount of waste left over at the end of the weekend. This is our primary motivation for doing what we're doing. Make sure you bring your tent with you at the end of the festival, don't leave it and be a d*ck! Rant over. But seriously, you need a tent at a festival. 


2 - Sleeping bag.

You've got your tent set up, got your first beer out and the sun is shining. Life is gravy, and you feel it's perhaps time for a nap before everything kicks off? Oh no, you've forgotten your sleeping bag! DON'T BE THAT PERSON. Even if you're not planning for a lot of sleep over the weekend, it's always nice to have a place to snooze if you start to crash. They're not that heavy, and most come in stuff sacks these days - so no more hour of folding your sleeping bag up unsuccessfully on the monday morning.

Sleeping bags come in singles and doubles, so if you want a bit of room from your tent partner (definitely a term), you know which one to go for. Sleeping bags also come in different lengths, so if you are of the LONG variety, make sure you get one that accommodates your length. 


3 - Tent pegs.

Every tent, including pop up tents, needs tent pegs to hold them in place. When it gets wet or rainy, you want the tent to feel secure, and not as though it's about to get blown away with you in it.

Most tents come with a standard set of metal tent pegs. The problem with metal pegs is that if they aren't taken out of the ground when the festival has finished, they won't degrade. This means they will stay in the ground, and potentially cause harm to the returning wildlife. This is usually cattle.

Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury, reported that many of his cattle were injured or even killed by ingesting parts of metal tent pegs that were left in the ground.

This is why we stock biodegradable tent pegs. They are made from bioplastic, which is a material made from natural, renewable resources. They are fully biodegradable, so when you pack your tent up after the festival has finished, they will naturally biodegrade in weeks. We've tried and tested them ourselves, so we know they work. And if you don't believe us, believe Michael Eavis - he ordered one million of them for Glastonbury in 2019. We sell exactly the same brand, so you know they are good.  



4 - Food.

Everybody needs to eat, and especially when you're burning off millions of calories dancing at festivals. (We're not sure on the exact number of calories that dancing at festivals burns, but it's something around that figure). Festivals have many stalls which sell amazingly delicious food of all different varieties. These stalls could provide exactly what you are looking for if you get cravings for hot, filling food.

A cheaper alternative is to bring your own food, as the stalls can get pricey, especially as the weekend goes on. We're talking sustenance, so loads of carbs with fruit and veg to keep your immune system happy. If you aren't of the barnyard animal variety, you might want something to eat your food on. Why not try our biodegradable and compostable plates? They are way sturdier than paper plates, and the production of them is very environmentally friendly. Send them back to us when you're done using our free post back scheme, and we guarantee to keep them out of landfill. 



5 - Wellies.

Wellington Boots are arguably the symbol of the british festival. They keep your feet warm and dry, whilst not being stupidly heavy and uncomfy to wear. We love them! As well as for aesthetics and warmth, wellies also keep mud from entering any cuts or wounds you might have on your feet and ankles. (Here are our plastic free plasters if you are prone to falls, sober or not so). Mud can potentially contain many horrible viruses such as E.coli and Norovirus, which can make us very sick. Adding this to a rundown body from days of partying, and it's a recipe for trouble. We also recommend wearing socks with wellies, as going barefoot can give you bad friction burn. It might sound obvious, but this list is all about the basics. Would an alien know to wear wellies with socks??



6 - Sunscreen.

Everyone in Britain loves (or hates) to talk about the weather. The next step up (or down) the conversational ladder is talking about the weather at festivals. Festivals climates are usually stupidly hot for the whole time, or a massive downpour of biblical proportions for days on end. Sunscreen can be, and should be used in all weather conditions if you're outdoors all day.

If your skin isn't used to the level of exposure that it can get at festivals, you could still be burnt even if it's cloudy overhead. If you're super pasty like us, then twenty minutes could be enough to cause sunburn if it's a hot sunny day. Obviously the amount and factor of sunscreen you use is dependent on your skin, so do a bit of research into that if you don't know already.

Sunburns can make your life miserable - our worst fear is a sunburnt set of shoulders. Tender, saw and itchy, sunburn can be soul destroying, especially if everyone else around you is having fun (we're speaking from experience). Sunburn is also terrible for tattoos, so if you're covered in ink, make sure you protect your skin and your artwork.

We sell the fantastic Shade sunscreen. It uses all natural ingredients, contains no nasty irritants that big branded sunscreens have. Best of all, it comes in a pocket sized tin so you can carry it around with you at the festival. We can't get enough of the stuff. 



7 - Water bottle.

Onto our final festival essential - everyone needs to stay hydrated. (Literally, dehydration can kill you). We recommend bringing a reusable bottle, and not those plastic single use bottles. Festivals should have water filling stations within a few minutes walk from every position on the site, so filling your reusable bottle up on a regular basis is a great idea.

Hangovers suck, and they suck even harder when you've been festivalling big for a few days. A great way to soften the inevitable (or not so) is to keep drinking water. It sounds obvious, but you'll be thanking us for the tip when your head feels relatively ok the next morning. 



So those are our festival essentials. We've only included seven to make it the bare minimum, so if you are feeling like queening it up, check out our blog on the complete list of festival supplies. 

If you're wondering a bit about who we are, we are Love Festivals Hate Plastic. We love to sell plastic free festival supplies, just as much as we love going to festivals. Festivals are a fantastic, valuable part of our culture in the UK, and we want to see them continue FOREVER! (Or, as long as possible). In order to do this, we need to start making festivals more sustainable. Our shop of plastic free festival supplies has everything you need to enjoy a festival plastic free. From biodegradable ponchos to plastic free glitter, we will have an eco friendly festival alternative for you. 

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