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The Best Plastic Free and (Almost) Plastic Free Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands
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The Best Plastic Free and (Almost) Plastic Free Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands

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If you are beginning the search for plastic free, eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for your boyfriend or husband this Christmas, you are in the right place.

We've collated a host of amazing, sustainable gifts from well known brands and companies, all the way to small businesses and artisans we love in the UK.

With a variation of price points, interests and ideas, there will sure to be a gift that he will love in this blog!  

Audiobook Subscription

By listening to digital audiobooks, the material aspect is removed altogether.

Whereas before, reading books or listening to audiobooks on a physical medium such as CD (constructed from paper and plastic respectively), digital audiobooks require nothing extra physically, apart from the phone which you already have. 

You can read this blog on the top 5 audiobook services available today. 

audiobook subscription gifts for boyfriends and husbands

Online Classes

You might not know it, but there are an incredible amount of classes out there, just waiting to be watched.

From Gordon Ramsay teaching cooking masterclasses, to Samuel L. Jackson talking about his acting process, there is a staggering amount of content ready to make the perfect gift for your partner. 

online class

You can check out some amazing classes right now, right here

Gaming Subscriptions

If your boyfriend (or husband *STILL*) is an avid gamer, then giving the gift of a gaming subscription is always a safe bet.

A relatively new concept, since many games companies decided to make their games entirely digital as opposed to a disk format, gaming subscriptions allow a certain amount of games to be downloaded and played every month. 

gaming subscription

Here is a great blog on all the different gaming subscriptions available. 

Sustainable Sunglasses 

An obvious source of plastic is in sunglasses, visible for everyone to see. With sunglasses typically made from a combination of PET and polycarbonate (in the lenses), sustainability is not really thought of in conventional design.

This is changing, and with companies starting to produce sunglasses made from bamboo and sustainably sourced wood instead, the future's looking bright (we couldn't resist).


From 2020 onwards all new styles added to Pala's collection will be exclusively Italian bio-acetate.

Most sunglasses are made from acetate due to its durability, flexibility and high quality; a natural material (made from cotton wood fibres) but with added oil-based plasticisers.

Bio-acetate? Those plasticisers are entirely biodegradable meaning the material is 100% plant based with no extra nasties. And equally important, all of Pala's sunglasses are vegan and cruelty-free. 

For every pair of sunglasses sold, Pala give back to eye-care programmes in Africa by providing grants to vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes.

To date, thousands of sight-impaired people have had their lives changed and their ability to earn an income enhanced thanks to receiving a pair of prescription glasses.


Peep source one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, refurbishing back to former glory, before adding modern 100% UV protected lenses and tints.

Handpicked vintage sunglasses that showcase the craftsmanship, quality and design of these pieces from the past. From swinging 60s to the coolest 80s pieces, all eras are covered.

sunglasses gifts for husbands and boyfriends 2020

Sustainability is at the heart of Peep and we're committed to preserving the environment. When you shop vintage you’re not using up new resources and energy with production, it’s an eco win.

Peep partner up with green charity Trees for Cities to help fight climate change and breathe new life back into urban areas. For every pair of glasses or sunglasses sold, Peep's friends at Trees for Cities plant a native tree where it's needed most.

From the FSC compostable packaging to the glasses pouches made from reclaimed deadstock vintage fabric, leaving as little a print on the planet as possible is never far from Peep's thoughts.

Compostable Phone Cases 

Similar to sunglasses in that they fulfill a very specific need, and do just that one thing, plastic is again a common material used in phone cases. Instead of choosing a phone case that is produced from PET or another common polymer, why not delve into the world of bioplastic phone cases?

By using materials that are able to break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, compostable phone cases have the ability to be fully composted with zero waste going to landfill.

It's important to recognise that there is a difference between home compostability and industrial compostability, and that many of these phone cases will not break down in your home compost patch within a reasonable time frame. Make sure to check the description, and query with the supplier if you're not sure. 

Loam & Lore

The first business you need to hear about when shopping for compostable phone cases is Loam & Lore, a family run business with a dedication to enabling sustainable living for modern life. 

Determined to give back to the environment as well as society, these guys plant a tree with every order.

As well as their tree planting initiative, 5% of every order goes to a charity dedicated to help fight climate change, or help wildlife in the UK and around the world. 

Exciting future activities include launching a program where customers can send back their used products, and Loam & Lore will compost the items for them. 

compostable phone case gifts for husbands and boyfriends 

Wheat Straw Phone Cases


Growing up in a small seaside town in the North East of England, the creators of Wave have seen first-hand the devastating effects plastic pollution has had, and is having upon our oceans.

They decided that we needed to take action, which is why Wave was started. Wavecase, the first product produced, was designed as a stylish yet biodegradable phone case made from wheat straw.

Specifically, Wave are involved with initiatives such as Surfers Against Sewage to ensure the business is having a positive impact both socially and environmentally.

As a small business, they are constantly looking for ways to improve how they are involved with the local community and progress their manufacturing and packaging to more environmentally friendly methods.


biodegradable phone case gifts for husbands and boyfriends

Cork Phone Cases

Another great alternative to traditional plastic phone cases are cases produced from cork - a sustainably manufactured, renewable material. 


The concept of 15:21 is about combining Scandinavian simplicity with nature’s own aesthetics, great, practical functionality, and a production method that actually protects nature, instead of exploiting it.

The demand for cork has decreased in recent years, as wineries transition to using plastic corks and aluminum screw caps.

This does not bode well for Portugal's cork forests, as a thriving cork industry meant that the trees would be protected.

This sudden change of demand has resulted in a deforestation of cork oaks, but by inventing new commercial uses for cork, 15:21 supports the survival of the cork forests.

Cork forests absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and, are second only to the Amazon rainforest in terms of biodiversity. After its bark is harvested, a tree must be left for 9 years to regrow its bark, and thus the cycle continues.

The trees grow naturally, with no added pesticides, irrigation, or pruning.

15:21 has based their ethos on a well thought out, in depth and more advanced look at direct environmental factors, which is having a specific and highly effective impact for cork preservation. 

Sustainable Wallets 

Many wallets today are still produced from leather, which results in a high carbon and methane footprint from the livestock used to produce the material. Innovative materials used in wallets that provide more environmentally friendly alternatives include jacron paper, cotton and cellulose lining. 

sustainable wallets

Here is a blog outlining the different materials that wallets can be made from when taking the environment into consideration, as well as a few specific examples of brands and products. 

Bee Garden Gift Sets

If your husband or boyfriend is an avid gardener, or loves spending time outside, why not give him the gift of a bee garden gift set? 

bee hotel gift

Containing a bee hotel for bees to rest in, once they have completed a hard days work, and several seed bombs to attract bees to your garden, your plot will be made into a luxury bee tourist destination! 

Here is our bee garden gift set, which is the set featured in the image above. 

You can also find our entire range of eco-friendly and plastic free gifts here. 

Cotton Shirts

There has been a huge change in the mentality behind fashion over the last few years, as the awareness has grown about how quickly items of clothing are used and then thrown away.

This is especially poignant if the clothing is made from synthetic materials such as polyester, as it has the potential to contribute to the microplastic pollution crisis.  

sustainable cotton shirts

As well as using renewable materials such as cotton, there are a few companies, and designers that use them, that enable clothing to be sent back to the manufacturer and be independently recycled. 

This means that the amount of waste entering landfill is hugely reduced, as well as lowering the need for virgin cotton to be harvested to make new items of clothing. 

You can find some great examples of clothing considering all the above, right here

Whiskey Tumblers

A classic gift for lovers of fine spirits, whiskey tumblers can make a real difference to experiencing their favourite drop.

Due to the high energy use in producing glass products, we wanted to find whiskey glasses that were produced in a more sustainable fashion, whether it be the outcome of each sale for the business, or the processes in making the product.

whiskey tumbler

By using recycled material, which has come from glass that could have entered landfill, the amount of waste entering the one way waste disposal system is reduced. 

You can find a lovely example of a 100% recycled glass whiskey tumbler here

Sustainable Shoes

As previously mentioned, fashion is an area that is accelerating in its efforts to become more sustainable, due to the high wastage and negative environmental impacts of the industry. 

There are many brands that have been created specifically to fill the niche of sustainable footwear, with carbon footprints, materials and charitable partnerships at the forefront of their USP's.

eco friendly shoes

Here is an in depth blog going into the best sustainable and ethical shoes being produced today. 

ArtWork Prints

When considering the sustainability of art, the two main factors are the material of the canvas, and the material of the ink used.

To make the canvas more environmentally friendly, recycled materials can be used to reduce waste being sent to landfill. This also applies to the recyclability of the paper, to ensure it has a chance of not ending up in landfill if it gets thrown away. 

In terms of the inks used, biodegradable inks are the current forefront of environmental standards. Using base resources such as vegetable oils and algae, are some of the most innovative ways of manufacturing sustainable inks today.

You can read this blog to find more about what to look for when shopping for environmentally friendly canvas prints.  

Bamboo Socks

These fab socks are made with a majority of bamboo, whilst using 99% less plastic found in your typical polyester socks - this results in a lower carbon footprint from the use of renewable materials, as opposed to using petroleum. 


Leiho is a social impact brand that helps provide vulnerable communities with the basic essentials they need using the buy-one-give-one model.

From bamboo socks that gives another pair to a homeless person to stainless steel water bottles that help provide clean water to those who need it, every product sold helps a social cause.

sock gifts for boyfriends and husbands

Plastic Free Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands

With this rundown of unique and eco-friendly gift for your partners, we have hopefully given you a few ideas to find the perfect gift for yours! 

If you would like to do a bit of background reading on eco-friendly presents, you can read our blog on reasons to choose plastic free gifts.

Good luck in finding the perfect gift for your partner!