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The Complete Guide To Buying The Perfect Teacher Gift For Christmas
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The Complete Guide To Buying The Perfect Teacher Gift For Christmas

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We all know what an amazing job teachers do, with most of it unseen to the eyes of parents and the general public.

With many hours worked overtime on a regular basis, late nights and early mornings are commonplace in the school teaching environment.

Sending the perfect teacher, the perfect gift, can be a hard task, and this blog aims to provide the complete guide to helping you do just that.

This blog is aimed for the parents of children who are being taught in school by the teacher you are finding the gift for. 

Whether it’s preschool teacher gifts, primary school teacher gifts or secondary school teacher gifts, this blog covers a range of ideas and helping points. 

We are going to be talking about christmas teacher gifts, as that is one of the main seasons to send gifts in.

teacher writing on whiteboard

Saying that, this guide can basically be applied to any time of year, so fear not if you are reading this in summer. 

Let’s start with the criteria to think about when selecting the perfect teacher gift. We have come up with five things to consider:

  • Subject taught
  • Wider interests
  • Impact you are after (funny, serious, meaningful)
  • How good is the teacher? 
  • Virtues

Subject Taught

With so many classes available to be taught, a wide range of gift ideas are opened. We will go through the main subjects, and look at the specific ideas related to each subject.

Gifts For Maths Teachers

Maths is a crucial subject in the broader education sense.

With studies time and time again showing that better maths results are a determining factor in future total earnings, the subject can play a big part in getting on the path of your child’s dream career. 

Maths opens up a lot of gift ideas for quirky plays on common household objects such as mugs and clocks. 

Maths clocks are a great gift for maths teachers, as they can take it home (to potentially annoy their family with) or leave it in their classroom for a bit of off-the-cuff teaching. 

Gifts For English Teachers

English is another key subject, which helps to develop writing skills - this is also linked to better future job prospects. 

A few of our favourite gifts from this great blog written by Bookriot include the teacher’s favourite book, movie or play (way more expensive) tickets to see the teacher’s favourite show, and our personal favourite...the teacher’s favourite book, but with their name replacing the name of the protagonist! 

What an amazing idea that last one is, we have to say. 

Does that mean they don’t have to pay copyright as the names are swapped? Either way, it’s a brilliant concept.

Gifts For Art Teachers

Even though it’s not classed as a core subject, we thought we would include gifts for art teachers as it’s a subject loved by many.

Gifting teachers who tend to be on the more creative side can sometimes be a challenge, as it’s not potentially as clear cut as to what they would like.

A few ideas we love include a pair of tickets for a local art exhibition, a tote bag with their favourite artist’s design imprinted on it, and of course, art supplies to help them work with their favourite medium. 

Here is a great map showing where the local exhibitions, galleries and events are in the UK when it comes to art. You can use this to find a great local exhibition that your child’s favourite art teacher will love! 

Broader Interests

As well as being related to the subject the teacher is knowledgeable about, there are a whole host of interests that they have that aren’t related to their job.

If your child has picked up on them expressing an interest in an external activity, why not find them a gift relating to that?

If your child isn’t the most proactive at finding these things out (as are many), we’ve compiled a list of some popular interests that gift collections are built around.

We’ve picked these groups as they provide a good range of gifts, without being over the top expensive (like gifts for gadget lovers, etc). 

Gifts for Sports Loving Teachers 

Three quick examples: Golf gloves, rugby pint glasses, personalised golf score cards.

Gifts for Gardening Teachers 

Three quick examples: Garden aprons, pot planters, weather dials.

Gifts for Musician Teachers 

Three quick examples: favourite album on vinyl, music books from favourite bands / artists, guitar accessories (strings, plectrums etc).

Gifts for Pet Loving Teachers 

Three quick examples: Dog Lead, resonance paintings of their dog (yes, this is a real thing), Dog gift hampers.

Gifts for Movie Loving Teachers

Three quick examples: Tickets to see the latest Quarantino (or other favourite director’s) movie, storm trooper cufflinks, shirts with favourite movie quotes on the design. 

Intended Impact of the Gift

Depending on the relationship both you, and your child, have with their teacher, the intended effect of the gift might differ.

If they’ve played a huge part in transforming your child’s educational life around, you might want to send a gift that has huge meaning attached to it. 

Personalized gifts are a great way of doing this, as it clearly shows you have ordered the gift just for them. 

Alternatively, if you’re friends with your child’s teacher in a social context outside of school, you might want to give them a more light hearted gift. 

Humour is a great way of differentiating between these two gift ideas - funny gifts are the perfect way to keep things light hearted, and not too serious. 

How Good is the Teacher?

This one is one that nobody talks about, but is a point that everyone knows deep down is the difference between a fine bottle of merlot, or a local off licence almost-out-of-date nondescript almost-red bottle of wine. 

Let’s be honest here: if they’re not a good teacher, you don’t want to splash out. The potential difficulty is in finding out if they are doing their job well.

For instance, if your child struggles academically, but are doing way better than expected, you could say a large part of that is down to their teacher motivating and encouraging them.

On the flip side, children who are expected to do well, but aren’t getting results, could be down to poor teaching and academic management. 

All this being said, there are so many other factors that could play a part in your child’s academic life, it makes it very hard to pin anything specifically on one link of the chain. 

We think you should go with your gut - if you have a good feeling about the teacher, the results are good for your child’s expectations, and your child is happy, the teacher is doing a great job.


If you, or your teacher, live by certain moral codes, gifts by virtue are a great way of expressing this. 

Vegan Gifts for Teachers

If you know one of your child’s children is vegan, there are a range of vegan gifts out there that haven’t used animals at any stage of their production.

Showing this level of thought could mean a lot to your child’s vegan teacher, as it can play a massive part in who they are and how they live their life. 

Eco-friendly Gifts for Teachers

From increasing awareness of plastic pollution, comes the movement away from conventional plastic. Using natural alternatives to plastic in gift sets is a great way of reducing the gifts plastic footprint to zero, or almost so.

If your child’s teacher is informed and interested in protecting the environment, going plastic free could be a really thoughtful way to send a gift.

A key thing to watch out for in plastic free gifts, is to make sure that the packaging is eco-friendly as well.

There’s not much point having a plastic free gift wrapped in 5 layers of plastic bubble wrap and covered in sellotape, and it would ruin the thought that had gone into the gift in the first place. 

If you're interested in making a sustainable swap, we have written a blog on ideas for eco-friendly teacher gifts

General Thank You Gifts for Teachers 

If you’re not that fussed about what you want to give your child’s teacher, there are so many options out there for general teacher gifts. Below are a few of our favourites. 

Wine - A classic, and always will be. You should check if your child’s teacher drinks first, as it could be a wasted gift if not! 

Desk Accessories - Teachers spend many, many hours working at desks, so why not add some value into where they spend most of their day? A nice set of pens or stationary, although a little boring, will always be needed by  teachers.

Club together - sometimes it’s better for all of the parents of children in the teacher’s class to come together, to share the cost of a larger gift.

A weekend at a nice hotel, or a day trip to a spa could make the teacher’s year. If there is a class of 30, and everyone puts £10, that’s £300 that could buy an amazing gift for the class teacher. 

The final thing to consider is: will you be needing next day delivery for your teacher gifts?

If so, make sure the business offers it before you make that decision. It should say on their homepage whether or not they have teacher gifts for next day delivery, but it’s important to check the latest time in the day at which you can order. 

Guide For Teacher Gifts 

Hopefully with this blog, we’ve given you a gentle push in the right direction to find the perfect gift for your child's teacher.

There are many things to consider, so we wanted to get them all down on one blog, to help you find the perfect teacher gift. 

Good luck!