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The Complete 'Moving To University' Checklist For Parents In 2020
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The Complete 'Moving To University' Checklist For Parents In 2020

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Is your child starting University this year?

Fear not - with over half of all young people in the UK studying at University, you are not alone as a parent of a child entering further education. 

Starting University is a hugely emotional time for both parents, and your children.

It's completely normal to be anxious, wobbly, upset, all at the same time as being joyful, happy and excited for them to enter the next stage of their life. 

university students sat outside

In this blog, we will be going over the essential checklist for moving into University in 2020.

This blog is aimed at parents of first year students, as it has been requested by several of our customers in the very same position you are in. 

If you're looking to send a gift to your first year student before they leave, or when they arrive at University, we have also written a blog on gift ideas for university students

Items in this checklist include necessary items for accommodation, academic activities, and external to do's for your student such as registering with the local GP.

Let's start the checklist! 

Living Necessities

Moving into University halls is the key first step in settling into the next stage of their life.

With many halls covering water, heating and electricity bills in their payment plan, the urgent necessities are covered. However, students will still need to bring many of their own items to get their room set up to relax in, and to study in.

1. Bedding

We should say that some halls do have bedding covered, so make sure you check with them first. If they don't cover bedding, then your student will need to bring their own

student bedding

Questions to ask: what size is the bed in their new accommodation?

If it is the same size as the one currently in your family home, great! If not, perhaps new bedding to fit the size of the accommodation bed will be needed. 

You can find a great range of student bedding here

2. Towels

Whether the shower room is shared between members of the University flat, or on-suite, towels will be needed.

If you would like to treat your student to a new towel for Uni, you can browse a few of our favourites here

3. Clothes

This one goes without saying, but we thought to include it to live up to our promise of this being the 'complete' checklist! 

Your student will be spending a lot of their time studying, so we recommend lots of comfy clothing for easy levels of high focus. 

Here is a great blog showcasing many cozy clothing items, if you want to treat your student to a few comfy outfits

4. Toiletries

Toiletries are essential - here are a few of the most important toiletries to make sure your student has. 

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Soap

There are a few other toiletries which are almost-essentials: conditioners, moisturizing bars, dental floss and cotton buds are all items which are commonly taken to University as well as the essentials. 

5. Cooking equipment

No one likes being hungry, especially if you've just had a day full of lectures and a deadline is due tomorrow.

Many halls do supply cooking equipment, but in case they don't, here is a great pack containing all of the kitchen essentials needed for a student kitchen .

6. Cleaning

Without being looked after properly, student digs can get very grim, very quickly (we are speaking from experience).

It's so important to keep living areas clean, for many reasons including providing a positive benefit to mental health

We advise bringing cleaning products for every area in the student flat - bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. 

University Course Essentials

Now we've gone over the list of living necessities, we can talk about what your student will need to have success on their course.

Depending on the course, specialist items could be needed. We are talking about the more general items, which will apply to every student no matter what they are studying. 

1. Laptop

Having a laptop is a must-have for modern studying. With the price of technology decreasing every year, great quality computers can be found for reasonable prices. 

student laptop

Here is a great blog giving a rundown of the best laptops for students in 2020. 

2. Stationary & Desk Management

As well as laptops being a must, it is always great to have pen and paper as well. When studying at their flat, it's important for them to maintain a clean desk to ensure relaxation and productivity. 

    Things To Sort Out

    As well as all of the physical items mentioned for accommodation and studying, there are also a few other jobs to tick off the list.

    1. Student Finance

    If your student will be taking our a loan to help with their studies, then here is the link to get the student loan process started.

    With over 71% of students taking out loans to fund Uni, it's completely normal and acceptable. 

    student loan percentage

    Student loan values are different in London, so that will be needed to get taken into consideration if your child is studying there. 

    2. Medical 

    It's important for your first year student to register with their local GP, especially if they have any ongoing medical problems. 

    Here is a link from the NHS containing key information on how to register at their local GP, as well as a few other bits of medical advice for students. 

    3. Travel Arrangements

    If your child will be travelling by public transport, then Universities often have student cards for buses. This information will be accessible through each Uni, so we recommend having a look around at what the options are. 

    Good Luck!

    We know how hard your child moving to Uni can be, both emotionally and stress-wise.

    There are many mixed feelings, with Empty Nest Syndrome being a common difficulty faced by many parents every year. 

    But remember, they are going to have the time of their life

    Getting into University is a huge achievement, and it's one that should be celebrated.  

    With this blog, we've given a rundown of what is needed for your child to start Uni happily and successfully. Hopefully it's taken a bit of stress out of the move, so you can focus on getting everything moving in the right direction. 

    We wish you the best of luck with your child starting University!