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What should you bring to a festival?
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What should you bring to a festival?

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Are you going to a festival this summer? If the answer is YES, then this blog is for you. If it's your first time at a festival, you might be wondering what exactly you should be packing. Don't worry, we've all been where you are. We're going to talk all things festival supplies. We're going to go over what you should bring, how much of it, and everything else in between to help you out. We're going to split this list into three areas: festival essentials, things you could bring to make your experience better, and finally things that you probably don't need, but the temptation to bring them is real. Let's start with the basics.

Festival essentials - festival supplies that you NEED to bring.

Summary: Tent, sleeping bag, tent pegs, food, wellies, sunscreen, a bottle, several clothing changes and a few more pairs of socks. 



1) A tent.

As this is the definitive list of what you should bring to a festival, let's start right at the beginning. Most people, unless you're paying extra for luxury camping or staying nearby, will be camping at a festival. Camping means staying in a tent, unless you are a bit ferrell and enjoy sleeping outside under the stars. Tents come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a one person pop up tent to a ten person teepee. 

The critical thing with a tent is to make sure it is fully waterproof. You do not want to be woken up at 5am with your tent flooded and all of your possessions soaking wet, it's sh*t! So it's always good to contact the retailer and get a guarantee that the tent you are considering buying is fully waterproof.

Make sure you don't leave your tent at the festival when you're done with it, pack it up and take it home. This is a huge problem at festivals, and one of the main reasons why we are doing what we're doing. 

2) Tent pegs.

Every tent, no matter if it's a small pop up tent or a huge magical tent palace, needs to be held down with guy ropes and tent pegs. Without being properly secured, your tent could go for a wander if the wind is strong. Most tents come with a set of metal pegs to hammer in. In terms of the environmental impact, we prefer the production of metal over plastics. However, we can do one step better: biodegradable tent pegs. 

One of the main problems with metal tent pegs is that if they are left in the ground after a festival has finished, intentional or not, they can cause harm to the returning wildlife. If the festival site is on a farm, which is common, the residing wildlife with primarily be cattle.

Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury, reported that many of his cattle were seriously injured, or killed as a result of ingesting parts of metal tent pegs. Our biodegradable tent pegs are made from bioplastic, so they are made from natural, renewable resources. Best of all, they can be left in the ground and they will biodegrade harmlessly into the soil in weeks. We've tried and tested them ourselves! If you want more proof of how good they are, Glastonbury ordered one million of them in 2019, so you know they are the real deal.

3) Sleeping bag.

You've got your tent pegged down, found a nice spot in the campsite, and now you need somewhere to sleep. A sleeping bag is the perfect way to keep warm and comfy at the same time. Sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes, so if you're extra tall or a bit on the petite side, just remember there WILL be a sleeping bag for you.

4) Food.

Whilst you can get food at the range of food outlets inside the festival arena, it's always good to have your own food in your tent. We've included food in our 'must haves' as we think being hungry is just plain wrong. We get especially hangry when we haven't eaten for at least an hour, so food supplies are essential. We recommend bread, fruit and some sugary stuff to keep you going.

If you're after something to eat your food on, check out our compostable plates. Send them back to us for free after the festival is over, and we guarantee to keep them out of landfill. We're super proud of our post back scheme, and we will tell you more about it later. 

5) Wellies.

British festivals are historically unpredictable when it comes to the weather front. Even it's it's looking like a glorious bank holiday weekend, always expect a downpour. What better way to keep your feet dry and warm by wearing wellies? With so many millions and millions and millions of designs to choose from, it's impossible not to find a boot for you.

6) Sunscreen.

Following on from our last point, you never know if festivals ARE actually going to be a gloriously sunny weekend. Sunscreen is a must have at any outdoor festival, especially if you're going to be exposing your skin to the sun all day. If you love getting inked like us, it's especially important to cover your tattoos up - sunburn is TERRIBLE for ink! We stock the fantastic shade sunscreen. It's all natural, SPF-25 and comes in a pocket sized tin so you can carry it around with you all day.

7) A bottle.

Just as important as staying free of sunburn is staying hydrated. We recommend using a reusable bottle, and trying to stay away from the plastic single use bottles that are filling our natural environment. There should be a watering station within a few minutes of where you are camping, as well as in the arena. Reusable bottles can also be great for hot drinks, so if you fancy a coffee in the morning, they are perfect. 

8) Several clothing changes.

As you will be camping for a few days, you will need changes of clothes, Think relaxed, comfy clothing that you will be happy in for long periods of time. Trackies, shorts and shirts are always good to have. If you are bringing a vest top or something that exposes more skin, revert back to number six and slap on the sunscreen. We also think bringing a long sleeved top is a good idea, as it's something that can cover all of your top half to prevent sunburn. On that note, hats and sunglasses are also good things to have as well.

8.5) SOCKS.

As well as bringing clothing changes, it's always good to have a bunch of spare socks. At festivals your feet can end up soaking wet very easily, so having a set of socks to swap out the wet ones with can make your life so much happier. 

Those are our essentials. Now let's take a look at:

Festival supplies that aren't necessary, but will make your life way better at a festival. 

Summary: Ponchos, clashfinder printout, phone charger, plasters, cups, glitter and accessories, soap, bug repellent, ear plugs, toilet paper, bum bag, pillow, coat, condoms, BBQ grill, cutlery, towel.


1) Ponchos.

You're ready to GO, and you can hear the live music start to blare from the main stage, You're looking on point, your outfit is sorted and you've had a cuppa to get you woken up. But what's this? RAIN?! 

The last thing you want to do is put a coat on as that will cover up your outfit, but you need something to stay dry in. Enter...the poncho.

Ponchos are a well known item at a festival, exactly for the reasons listed above. The problem is they are usually plastic, so they will probably end up in landfill when they're done with. We love our ponchos because they are biodegradable and compostable. This means they are made from natural, renewable resources (we use starch compound), and can be completely composted when you send them back to us for free! 

This means our ponchos are made from plants, and are disposed of with zero waste going to landfill. It's our way of fighting the plastic pollution crisis we face, and we're super proud of our solution.

Here's where you can find your own biodegradable poncho

2) Clashfinder printout.

Everyone who's been to a festival knows there's only one place to look online for festival slot times, and that's Clashfinder. Simply go to Clashfinder before you leave for the festival and see what times and stages your favorite artists are playing on. If you don't have a printer, you can just bring your phone to the festival and browse to your heart's content. We recommend saving it on your phone though, as sometimes connection can be bad at festival sites. Your phone might also run out of battery, which leads us onto our next point.

3) Portable phone charger.

It's unlikely that your phone will make it through a whole festival without charging, so we think bringing a portable phone charger is a great idea. Enough said!

4) Plasters.

If you've ever been victim to tripping over a guy line you didn't see, you know how hilarious your friends find it. While you're fuming at their incapacity to do anything but laugh at you, you might have also picked up a cut from the fall. Our plasters are the perfect festival first aid companion for when you get injured. Completely free of plastic in both the plasters themselves and the packaging they come in, our plasters will sort you out. They are also free of any nasty irritants that could cause your skin to react badly. Anything more than a minor cut, and you should consider going to the medical tent. More about that in our tips on how to stay safe at a festival.

5) Cups.

If you're at the campsite playing drinking games, it's always great to have cups to drink from. Whether you're mixing, drowning or being just plain classy, our compostable cups are the best way to get your drank on. As with all our compostable range, send them back to us using our free post back scheme, and we guarantee they will be composted fully, and stay out of landfill. 

6) Glitter and accessories.

One of the best ways to get your festival vibes on is to get glittered up. But did you know that glitter is full of plastic? Neither did we until a few years ago. That's why we love...biodegradable glitter! Our glitter is completely plastic free, and fully biodegrades in the natural marine environment (that's the sound of turtles thanking you). We have a fantastic growing range of biodegradable glitter, as well as all the accessories you need to apply the glitter. This includes bamboo glitter brushes and aloe vera glitter glue. Even better, we sell all of these amazing items in our 'look fleek hate plastic kit'. If you are a glitter fanatic or want to get glittered up with your mates, try our XL and XXL kits.

7) Soap.

Festivals can be dirty, muddy and dusty places at the best of times, so it's easy to get filthy really quickly. (We hear your dirty mind, and we're not going there). Our soap bars are rosewood scented, and they smell AMAZING. They are all natural, and come in completely plastic free packaging, consisting of biodegradable wrapping inside a tin. This means when you're done washing your hands, you can whack the bar straight back in the tin and seal it up, ready to be reused.

8) Bug repellent.

If the festival is a hot on in the middle of summer, you will likely encounter lots of bugs and midges. Annoying at the very least, the last thing you want is to be getting bitten in the night while you're sleeping. Our bug repellent is a fantastic way of keeping you from getting bitten, which prevents hours of itching and scratching.

9) Ear plugs.

If you're like us and have faced the joys of tinnitus from excessive loud noise (mostly from festivals), you know how important it is to wear earplugs. If you're at a festival, you will be exposed to really loud noise for prolonged periods of time. It is common, once you get back home, to have ringing in your ears. This is not a good thing, and can lead to hearing loss if it's repeated. Our advice is to be sensible. For a few of your favourite bands keep them out, but for the rest of them, keep your ear plugs in.

10) Toilet paper.

Festival toilets are infamous for their bad smell. A free piece of advice: don't camp near them! They may seem really close to the festival arena, but it is not worth it. Much better to have a longer walk than waking up to the horrific smell every morning.

The last thing you want is to endure the toilet experience, to then find out there's no toilet paper. We always bring a roll of our own toilet paper to prevent this catastrophe from taking place. The toilet roll we stock comes in two varieties: recycled and bamboo. If you love living the high life, go for our bamboo toilet paper - it's fit for a queen. If you're after a slightly cheaper option, but still want good quality, go for our eco-friendly 100% recycled toilet paper. We get our toilet paper from who gives a crap. They donate half of their profits to help build toilets in countries that need them. We love these guys! 

11) Bumbag.

It's always great to have a bumbag with you to put your phone, wallet and keys in with anything else you might want close to you. They are a great way to reduce the chances of losing your valuables, or having them stolen.

12) A pillow.

We debated putting pillows in the must haves, but we've done a few festivals without a pillow, and we found it was ok! But pillows are a definite creature comfort, so if you want a soft place to lay your head at night, pillows will do the job.

13) A coat.

If it's raining and it's too cold to wear a poncho, coats are a great way of staying warm. Definitely something with a hood, and definitely something that is not too heavy that would weigh you down walking around the festival.

14) BBQ Grill.

At every festival, there are the ballers. The ones who have a marquee and a portable grill, constantly eating delicious smelling food that makes everyone around them stare enviously. If you are a festival baller, our eco-friendly BBQ grill is the one for you. Made from all natural materials, our grills are the perfect way to cook delicious hot food for you and your crew. Now you've got your grill, you will need some...

15) Cutlery.

You've cooked your hot meal, and now you will need something to eat it with. Our compostable cutlery goes well with our compostable plates and cups, and you can send them all back to us using our free post back scheme to keep them out of landfill and our natural environment. Our 'love food hate plastic kit' contains all of these things and a few others, so if you love food, you will adore our love food hate plastic kit!

16) Condoms.

No matter who you are or what sex you are, it's always a good idea to bring protection to a festival. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

17) A towel.

A towel is a wonderful thing to keep in your tent, ready to dry you when you are soaking wet from the rain, or from sweat. Either one can drench you, so we recommend keeping a towel stored away in your home for the weekend.

18) Speakers.

It sounds like a daft thing to bring to a festival, but speakers can bring the campsite to life. Blaring your favourite tunes in prep for your favourite band can build the hype, as well as keeping you going when the live music is over but the party's still going on. 

Onto our final category: Things you probably don't need.

Summary: Fancy dress.


 1) There's only one item for this category, and that's fancy dress. We've seen everything from storm troopers to Jesus, so there's really nothing that hasn't been done at a festival. Completely unnecessary, and they will not help you in any way - but they will bring the laughs in and possibly make you festival famous if you get your fancy dress costume down. 

So that's our definitive list of what you should bring to a festival. We didn't include money, house keys or phones as we hope you would bring those anyway? If you want tips on which of each item we recommend, you can email, facebook or instagram us. We hope you found it useful, and we wish you a magic festival experience!

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