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Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Corporate Gift To Clients, Employees And Executives

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Gifts play a key part in the corporate world.

They symbolize how much business relationships are valued, recognised and acknowledged. With the importance of the message behind corporate gifts, comes the importance of finding the right corporate gift for your personal situation. 

Because of the understanding of how important making the right choice can be, some are put off by the decision, and delay it.

Delaying making a decision on a corporate gift is never a good idea, as it could easily slip from the front of your mind when more pressing business issues arise.

Time sensitive corporate gifts, and forgetting to arrange them, could have a detrimental effect on client relations

With all of the variables arising from many factors, choosing the perfect corporate gift isn’t easy - but picking the right one could have a huge impact on the future with your corporate recipient. 

This blog will cover corporate gifts for executives, staff and important clients.

Also included are the possible things you would want to consider, when picking the perfect corporate gift.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Corporate Gift

Do your company policies dictate that you are allowed to give corporate gifts?

If you are the owner of your business, then you will know this. If you are an employee of the company tasked with finding corporate gifts to give, then it’s always best to check company guidelines to ensure you are acting within the company policy. 

Choosing Gifts Based on Business Relationship

We have identified three main recipients for corporate gifts - executives, employees and clients. Each of these groups requires a different pattern of thought for choosing their gift.

Let’s start with the first group. 

Corporate Gifts for Executives

When we are referring to executives, we are talking to members of staff typically in higher management roles within the company.

If you are looking for executive corporate gifts, you are most likely the CEO or owner of the business.

When choosing gifts for your executives, you might have built up a working relationship face to face, meaning you will know more about them and their personal lives.

If this is the case, then it’s a great idea to give them a gift that speaks to this fact - if you know any details of your colleagues lives, now is a great time to express it. 

Corporate Gifts for Employees

Employees differ from executives, in their typical role in the company perhaps being more individualized to a set task.

Equally as important as executives, nevertheless.

The main difference, in large companies, is that perhaps you don’t know every member of staff on a personal basis. 

In this case, you want to give your team of staff a gift that will motivate them and make them feel valued, without needing to personalize the gifts. 

This is why corporate gift hampers are fantastic.

They provide a range of products that symbolize how much employees are valued, without needing to know the exact details of the employees personal lives.

With a small business, this could also be the case.

However, if you are the owner of a small business, and you know your staff on a personal level, it would be appropriate to personalize their gift also. 

In terms of which hampers to choose, there are a few standard product groups that are guaranteed to go down well - chocolates, coffees, teas - all of the products that can be used in daily life of your giftee. 

Corporate Gifts for Clients

Without clients and important customers, there is no business.

Businesses can only survive with income, and your important clients can make up a significant share of that revenue.

Choosing a corporate gift for a client could have an impact on future sales, from them and any potential customers they advertise to through word of mouth. 

If you have worked alongside your client face to face for a few years, you could have a strong working relationship, and also shared personal details about your lives.

In this scenario, then choosing to give a corporate gift based on their interests is a great way of showing you understand what their priorities are in life, and how much you value them.

An obvious example would be a set of Golf clubs, if you and the client in question have spent many hours playing together on the golf course.

This is an expensive example, and although the perfect gift for some, maybe out of reach for many smaller business owners who don't have a large budget for corporate gifts. 

In the case of choosing corporate gifts with a smaller budget, a bottle of their favourite wine, a meal for them and their partner, or a corporate box at their favourite teams' stadium for a game all cover a range of prices more accessible.


Finding a corporate gift to match your exact criteria is never easy, but it will be worth your while if you take some time to consider the optimum business present. 

We wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect corporate gift!