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Premium Corporate Gift Hamper



Whether it's for staff members and clients, or for customers you want to show your appreciation for, this corporate gift set will accomplish the task of expressing recognition.  


This Premium Corporate Gift Hamper sets the gold standard for sustainability. Containing environmentally friendly products sourced from responsible, independent producers, this Gift Hamper is the perfect way to express gratitude and acknowledgement. 


Completely plastic free in both products and packaging, eco-friendliness is on show for all to see. Ideal for clients, customers and members of staff, this gift set is ideal for showing how much you value them, and your corporate relationship.

Full Contents

Each Premium Corporate Gift Hamper includes:


  • Beeswax & Vanilla Moisturising Bar (Produced by Mersea Mudd Shack)
  • Natural Rosewood Hand Lotion (Produced by The Solid Bar Company)
  • Premium Vegan Perfume (Produced by Eden Perfumes)
  • Organic Lip balm (Produced by Heavenly Organics)
  • Organic Chamomile Eye & face cream (Produced by Heavenly Organics)
  • Bamboo Coffee Flask (Produced by The Wooden Box Mill)
  • Selected Bottle of Wine (Produced by a variety of sustainable Winemakers)

Environmental Benefits of this Gift

  • Our Beeswax & Vanilla Moisturising Bar is produced by Mersea Mudd Shack, an independent producer that sources local materials to make wonderful plastic free cosmetics. This Moisturising Bar smells and feels amazing, whilst remaining sustainable. Free of all microplastics, the Bar is produced from natural, organic materials. Packaged in beautiful, minimalist packaging, being friendly to the environment is a top priority for Mersea Mudd Shack and all of their creations.
  • Our Natural Rosewood Hand Lotion is produced by The Solid Bar Company. A boutique, independent outlet, they specialise in creating plastic free alternatives to traditional high street lotions and other cosmetics. Using Rosewood gives an amazing aroma to hands once washed, and it's scent is long lasting. Packaged in a reusable tin, with plastic free wrapping, sustainability is at the core of what they do.
  • Eden produce our Luxury Vegan Perfumes. They use vegan ingredients and blend them to create perfumes similar to your favourite popular fragrance. Botanical plant-based perfumes consciously crafted with respect to the planet and all beings. The range contains no phthalates or Parabens, and is suitable for vegans. Top quality fragrances handmade with vegan natural essential oils. Alternative 100% vegan equivalents to your favourite designer perfumes. For your health, environment & pocket and are packaged in stunning glass cases. 
  • Heavenly Organics produce our range of Lip Balms, as well as our Chamomile Eye & Face Cream. Made with 100% organic ingredients of cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils, Heavenly Organics believe in keeping things simple for their Lip Balms, just like nature itself. Their Chamomile Eye & Face Cream is made with 100% organic and vegan ingredients. A little goes a long way, with only a pea sized amount per application being required. Reducing the amount needed to give the desired results, only adds to the sustainability of the Cream.
  • Using Bamboo for our Coffee Flasks means that they are both stylish, and sustainable. With the flask being able to contain hot drinks without spillage, they are perfect for drinking coffee on the go, as well as when working from home. Bamboo is an extremely fast growing crop, which can be produced quickly and sustainably

Sustainable Packaging

We have carefully developed the packaging, for every gift, with sustainability in mind. As a result, we have designed all packaging to guarantee the safe transit of each Gift Set, whilst remaining completely free of single use conventional plastic.


Our Premium Corporate Gift Hampers are packaged with:


  • Plant based, plastic free void fill is used to keep everything inside the Premium Corporate Gift Hamper safe, and undamaged.
  • A high quality Pine Crate ensures no plastic boxes are used, whilst portraying sustainable packaging excellence.
  • Inside the crate, items are presented with beautiful shredded kraft paper.
  • An Eco-friendly cardboard mailer box houses the pine crate, along with everything inside it.
  • Plastic free Kraft Paper Tape is used to secure the Eco-friendly Mailer.

Delivery Information

Our delivery times have not changed due to the current situation. We are fully operational, and our fulfillment team is still able to process every order. Delivery details are below:


Free next day delivery on all orders made before 1pm. 



Customer Assurances

We know how important each order made is to you. We have a 'no quibble returns policy' to guarantee a happy and relaxed experienced when ordering from us.


No Quibble Returns


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