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Choose plastic free

There are many, many reasons to go non-plastic, but we've picked out the six most important (in our opinion) reasons to choose plastic free:

1) Our products are made from natural, renewable resources. This means we are not draining our planet of crude oil (the base resource of plastic), and other non-renewable resources. The process of obtaining oil can be costly and harmful to the environment (namely fracking). 

2) Compared to crude oil based plastics, bioplastics have a hugely reduced carbon footprint, as well reduced CO2 emissions.

3) Bioplastics reduce the amount of toxic runoff compared with traditional plastics. Plastic toxicity can have a hugely detrimental effect to both the environment and wildlife in close proximity to the toxicity. 

4) If plastic items are incinerated, they could potentially release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. These include dioxins and heavy metals, both of which are harmful to humans and other life. Bioplastics do not contain any of these dangerous compounds, so incineration will be far less damaging.

5) A far more general, and scary, concept. As previously mentioned, plastic is built from non-renewable resources. This means at some point, potentially within the next 60 years, the world's oil is going to run out. If we are still dependent on oil then, what will happen? 

6) Plastic pollution. The grim reality is that our world is slowly filling with plastic waste. This impacts hugely on marine life, and the marine environment. In order to fight plastic pollution, we need to stop producing plastic, and start investing in closed loop cycles.

There are many more reasons why renewable, sustainable alternatives to plastic are the best way forward. You can read more about them in our blog!