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Do all of our products have no plastic in them?


How do we package your products?

We don’t just want our products to be plastic free, we want our packaging to be sustainable as well. We use compostable bags, kraft paper envelopes and compostable stickers in place of their less eco-friendly counterparts, and that's just the start. For a full list of our eco-friendly packaging choices, please contact us at:

I've heard about biodegradability and compostability, do you stock any biodegradable or compostable items? 

Many of our products are legally biodegradable, compostable or both. We have partnered up with the amazing 'The First Mile', who can process anything in our compostable range, to ensure our products stay out of landfill and our oceans! 'Compostable' doesn't necessarily mean home compostable, as for our compostable bioplastics to break down, they need certain conditions. These include high temperatures for prolonged periods of time. 

For more information on how our free post back scheme, have a look here:

We want to provide you with the most up to date, factually correct information regarding all of our products, and about developments in the exciting field of sustainable plastic free alternatives. We know the internet can be a confusing place at the best of times, so we are here to cut through the noise. At LFHP, we spend serious time investigating all things plastic free, so feel free to ask any questions you might have! 

We are not promising any magic solutions to the plastic problem our planet faces. All we are doing is taking steps towards the common goal of a better, cleaner and more sustainable world. A step away from single use plastic is a step in the right direction.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy our range of plastic free alternatives just as much as we do!