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Compost Your Used Compostable Waste - For Free

Single use plastic pollution is creating many problems on a global scale.

Developing LFHP Zero is our way of doing something about the single use plastic epidemic.

Our Compostable Items provide plastic free alternatives to their single use plastic counterparts.

Our Compostable Plates, Cutlery, Cups and Ponchos, are all made from renewable resources. In most cases, Cornstarch is the base material. 

As well as being made from renewable resources, our Compostable Items can be fully composted, with zero waste going to landfill.

In order to compost them fully, they must be industrially composted. We have partnered up with an industrial composting partner, to ensure any used compostable items will composted completely. This is at no extra cost to you.

With every order containing our compostable items, we send a compostable mailing bag with our return address on it. Simply put your used compostable waste in the mailing bag, seal it and send it back to us using your normal posting method.

From there, we will process it and send it to our industrial composting partners. They will fully compost everything, meaning zero waste goes to landfill.

 Our compostable items are included in our Gift Sets listed below.