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Eco-Friendly Kids Stationery Set



Stationery is the base for creativity: this stationery set contains everything needed for school work, as well as writing and drawing for fun. 


Designed with the environment in mind, this stationery set has both minimal plastic and carbon footprints. 


With the option of adding a set of amazing pencils that grow into flowers after using them, this gift set brings another level to environmentally interested children.


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Full Contents

Each Eco-Friendly Kids Stationery Set Contains:


  • One Canvas Pencil Case (Produced by Threadbare Designs)
  • One Owl Pencil Box Set (Produced by Bigjigs Toys)
  • One Bamboo encased (plastic binding) Notebook (Produced by The Wooden Box Mill)




Environmental Benefits of this Gift

To talk about the environmental benefits of our Eco-Friendly Kids Stationery Set, we have to delve into the problems environmentally sustainably processes are solving. 


By using producers who use sustainable materials such as responsibly sourced wood instead of plastic, a common material used in children's stationery sets, we are reducing both the carbon and plastic footprint of the gift.


We recognise that even though you might be delighted (and so are we!) to have found our range of eco-friendly gifts, you might not want to hear about the negative reasons that led us to start our gift shop. 


Because of this, we have linked to our in depth blogs on several environmental topics that explain why we design our gifts to be as sustainable as possible, without writing about them directly on this page. 


Regardless of if you would just like to read about the positivity of what we are doing on this page, or you would like to look into the data and science behind environmental issues, we are incredibly happy that you have found us!


What Is Plastic Pollution?


Secondary microplastics, and nanoplastics, are the resultant effect of plastic waste breaking down. 


What Are Microplastics?


Finally, the fourth less well known aspect of plastic production, use and pollution, is it's contribution to climate disruption.


Plastic And Climate Change 

Sustainable Packaging

We have carefully developed the packaging, for every gift, with sustainability in mind. As a result, we have designed all packaging to guarantee the safe transit of each Gift Set, whilst remaining completely free of single use conventional plastic.


Our Eco-Friendly Kids Stationery Sets, are packaged with:


  • Unique rose ribbon 'gift style' postal box (reduces the need for extra packaging)
  • Cornstarch based void fill (dissolvable and home compostable)
  • Cornstarch based stickers

Delivery Information

Our delivery times have not changed due to the current situation. We are fully operational, and our fulfillment team is still able to process every order. Delivery details are below:


Free two day delivery on all orders made before 8pm. 



Customer Assurances

We know how important each order made is to you. We have a 'no quibble returns policy' to guarantee a happy and relaxed experienced when ordering from us.


No Quibble Returns


If you're not happy with anything in your order, you can return it to us no questions asked within 30 days. You will be fully refunded for the order value, as well as the shipping costs.